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No, MY toothbrush!!

These are not the words you want to hear from the kid with strep throat.  GNJ#0482


Sandy, Not Sandy

Someone is taking painkillers, but who??

Here is the pic Jeff snapped of one of our fellow Minnesotans who didn’t make their best choice.


Olympic bedtime

As the winter drags on, the bedtimes get earlier and earlier… for the adults.

Here is someone who SHOULD have stayed home in bed!  GNJ#0479

FB pink eye Costas

2am Cupcake

Maybe he shouldn’t have asked permission?  Because really, what parent will ever say yes??  GNJ#0478

vanilla cupcake 2

Ultra warm backside

If we were playing Password, the clue would be “ultra warm backside.”  GNJ#0477

Wise up, Professor!

The Professor could have learned a thing or two from the Kublakai and Sleestaks!  GNJ#0475

The Professor


Why do stores stock this in the refrigerated  section?  Velveeta… now THAT’S an appetizer.  GNJ # 0474


(ClicVelveeta ladyk on that purple writing, up over there!)