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Zombie Armstrong ~ Good Night Jeff

Jeff has a serious topic for us tonight, but you know that never lasts for long.  GNJ#429


Rochester Today – Bullying and Suicide

My guest was Dr. Peter Jensen, a child and adolescent psychiatrist at Mayo Clinic.  We covered bullying and then suicide among children and teens.  I was particularly struck by his statement that “We need to stop bullying, but that will probably have very little impact on suicide rates.  Treating depression should have a huge impact.”

Listen to the program here.

Drunk Madonnas

It was quite a weekend when the two high-lights involve drunk Madonnas and rhubarb.  GNJ#188

Valentines Day Mini

I almost said ‘quickie’ instead of ‘mini’ but that would be something ENTIRELY different from what I meant!

GNJ #152 is about Valentines Day and an unusual way to say I love you.

Getting Snuggie with Favre

I’m not ambitious enough to look this up, but here is yet ANOTHER podcast that mentions Brett Favre.

Our family got a boat load of Snuggies for Christmas.  Not the path I thought I would take in my life, but here we are.

GNJ #131

They Got It Right The Second Time

Here is a link to my latest column in the Post Bulletin.

Thanks for reading!

Rochesters Good Morning Pictures

Here is the pictureof  President Obama and President Sarkozy ‘apparently’ looking at a lady in a purple dress.

The Kolcraft recall story and pictures are here.