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Thanks for listening to the Tracy McCray Show over the past 8 years.  Although I’m no longer “on air” every day at KROC, I will be filling in when Rich or Andy is on vacation.  Also, I’ll be hosting Broad Talk EVERY Thursday for the next few months-just to see how we like it!

My ‘post full time radio’ career is starting to take shape.  My friend Jeff and I have wanted to work together at some point, but it never seemed to work out.  Thanks to technology, podcasts are the answer!  Goodnight Jeff is in the ‘formative’ stage and we’re still having fun.  I hope you can make some time to listen to our show.  It can be found on itunes, or you can link and listen from this site. 

And that’s not all!  But it’s enough for now…

Thanks for checking in!

If you’d like to contact me,  send me a message.

Be good, and be grateful,


Comments on: "About" (3)

  1. Tracy – Love the podcast. I’m officially a fan! Great seeing you and the kids at Relay for Life! Hope to see you and your family soon:)

  2. Dave Seavy said:

    Tracy – good to hear that you’re going back on with Broad Talk. I remember when you first started at KROC while I was the CE. You gained a wide audience and I hope this all goes well.

  3. Russ Jones said:

    I have enjoyed Broad Talk as I pilot my truck through the city streets. Funny most of the time, yet covering many real and personal life situations that relate to real people in the listening world. Thank you.

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