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You know how when you were a kid you used to roll your eyes when the adults would say things like “time just seems to be flying by.”  Now – horror of horrors – WE are the ones saying these things.

Time of course, is NOT going any faster now that it ever has; it just seems that way.

Unfortunately if you happen to be a dog, then time really does fly by.  If you were a dog you could say things like that and the other dogs around you would be like “I KNOW!  I feel like I’ve aged seven years too!!”

I recently discovered there is an area of my home that is living in a dog year-like time warp. It’s the Sick Box.  Some of you might have a medicine cabinet, but at our house we put all the over-the-counter medicine in a plastic box with a lid and a sticker on the outside that says “SICK BOX.”  Last week I was digging around in there for something I could take for a cough and found nearly EVERYTHING was expired!

Either no one at our house is getting sick enough to use up these items before they are outdated or I inadvertently purchase only expired medicine.  I’m not kidding.  All of it was expired.  Wait – I guess the cough drops were still good, but that’s only because I couldn’t find an expiration date on them!

My excursion into the Sick Box left me with a bit of nostalgia as well.  There were Tums that expired shortly after my babies were born.  Both of them.  There are a couple of rolls that are as old as my daughter and a few more that are the same age as my son.  Why I kept the first rolls when the second pregnancy occurred is anyone’s guess.

Unless you are an OTC conspiracy theorist I guess all of it needs to go, however I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  Until I can get to the store to restock, I kept anything that was less than five years passed the expiration date.

An empty Sick Box is just too sad for words…

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