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The Secret to Happiness

You may have read on a coffee cup or a bumper sticker that “Happiness is ______.”  The possibilities are endless!  Just fill in the blank with whatever you love like; “bacon,” “my grandkids,” “good coffee and a book,” or “a complete understanding of smartphones.”

Depending on your mood, there might be quite a few secrets to a happy life.  However this morning I realized the true secret to a happy life.

Staring at my reflection as I brushed my teeth, I found myself considering the young lady who lives in my house and her new found hobby of styling her hair.  As a toddler, her delightful bouncy curls were usually styled by yours truly in a style I liked to call The Sprout.  Why she doesn’t stick with the style that made her who she is today is beyond me.  A ponytail sticking straight up on the top of the head is a style that’s not only quick and easy to do, but memorable as well.

The fact is, she’s growing up; so the ridiculous quest of wanting your hair to look the opposite of how it naturally looks has begun.  Why women do this is one of the true mysteries of the universe.  Straight-hair girls want curls, the color you were born with is no longer acceptable, and my wavy-haired girl wants to straighten her hair.

She is getting the hang of it, but like most women-young and old- it just doesn’t look quite right.  Unless you have a stylist who stops by your house each day, figuring out how to style your hair takes up time and emotional energy I no longer possess.

I like to try different hair styles, but I’d say my most successful ones would best be described as the “style of least resistance.”  I thought I had the hang of styling my hair but in my mid-thirties, my hormones changed it up on me and I now have wavy hair.  This proves if you spend enough time wishing for something, the universe just might be listening and your wish could be granted.  (Not all wishes, mind you.  I have given up on wishing that a bikini top would fit a bit better!)

You see, the secret to happiness is to go with the flow and let your hair do “its thing.”  I’m not saying you give up and let it go, but instead choose a style that incorporates what your hair wants to do anyway.  I didn’t see the light until my 40’s but my daughter has just begun the fight.  If she’s like me, she will spend the next thirty years cursing her crappy hair and embracing the few and far between good hair days.

Ahh, the joy of growing old.

I suppose my coffee mug might say “The Secret to Happiness is Acceptance (of your hair.)”


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