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My life is a movie!

At least three times a week I find myself in line at Kwik Trip to buy milk and bananas.

Milk and bananas ALL the time!  Is there a secret monkey stashed in my home, waking up at 2am to make smoothies?

Yesterday I was three people back in the milk and banana line when I noticed a $5 bill that had fallen onto the racks of gum below the counter.  I  watched and waited for the man two people ahead of me to notice it sitting there.  I kept watching while the lady in front of me bought her soda.  As she paid and walked away, I stepped to the counter and asked the cashier “do you suppose someone left this five dollars here for me so I would buy a lottery ticket?”

I picked up the bill and the thoughts flew fast and furious.

If I don’t pick this up, the person behind me will.

And if I give it to the cashier, she’ll put it in her pocket, not the till.

And really, my life could be like a movie so I should heed the nod from the universe and win this half a billion dollar jackpot, right?

However, I am also from the Midwest so I only bought one ticket instead of two.  That whole Midwest thing is a real bugger because it introduces too much common sense into every situation.  For instance my mother has been known to jump in on a group lottery ticket buy just for the fun of it every once in a while.  One time, as she considered whether or not she really wanted to give up one dollar she asked “how big is the jackpot?”  I forget what the actual amount was, but when we told her she snapped back her dollar.  “Oh, that’s TOO high!” she exclaimed.  “I’d worry that if we won, someone would kidnap my grandkids.”

Clearly the movies she grew up watching about the everyday people who strike it rich were quite traumatic!

If the movie goes according to the script, I’ll be winning that jackpot tomorrow night.  And then I will go back to the Kwik Trip and buy “MILK AND BANANAS FOR EVERYONE!!!”

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