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A change in the course

I’ve often found it annoying when a person with ‘people’ tells me to scale back the commitments in my life.  “You’ve got to make time for you.  Practice saying ‘no.’  Do things that make YOU happy first.”

OK, Oprah.  Easy for you to say when you have half a dozen people helping you every day.  If I had a chef and a driver, my life would be a lot easier to begin with.

In anticipation of having half a chance at helping my 2013 resolution survive, I decided to scale back some of the areas in my life.  One of the items crossed from the list is the weekly column I write for the Post Bulletin.

It took me a year or two, but I have started to actually LIKE the process of writing a story instead of talking about it on the radio or the podcast.  Because of that, I’m going to keep at it and I’d LOVE for you to hold me to it.  Keep checking back here at my website.  I appreciate your support.

Happy last week of November!!

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