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My Friend Jeff

Jeff and I have been friends for about 15 years and like all friendships there has been an ebb and flow that seem to happen too often.  When we lived in the same town (even in the same building!) we would work out together or hang out watching Oprah…you know, typical friendship stuff!  My husband, Jeff’s wife and Jeff all worked together at KTTC back in those days and doesn’t that seem like a long time ago now?  Marriage, kids, new jobs and geography had left us with the “has it really been 10 months since we’ve seen you guys?” kind of thing that seems to happen a LOT when you start down the road of parenthood.

This is the BEST thing about Good Night Jeff.  I’ve gotten a chance to reconnect with one of the best people I’ve ever known.  Every night we get to chat just like in the old days.  Most nights even after we end “The Show” we stay on the line and talk another 20 minutes or so!  Tonight when the Skype sounder went off and I answered, there was Jeff and Julianna on their camera and Joel and me on this end.  It made me so happy.

The best things in life are…the relationships I suppose.  We lose people we love.  Our kids aren’t perfect.  And people we don’t even know can touch our lives even just slightly.

That’s tonight’s show #021.  That and Cheez Whiz.

Have a safe Memorial Day!


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