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Coffee Concentrate

Coffee!!My coffee loving friends,

Thanks for listening and for checking this out on the new webpage.  It’s tasty and worth the effort!  Mix a pound of medium grind coffee with 11 cups of water.  Leave it on the counter overnight (or for 12hours) strain the grounds out and store the coffee concentrate in the fridge for up to two weeks.  Mix the concentrate with hot water for the smoothest cup of coffee ever!  You can also mix with hot milk or pour over ice for iced coffee.   I only used half a pound with 6 cups of water and it worked out just fine.   

The only trouble is the straining part….I used some doubled-up cheese cloth in a strainer.  It was clumsy and so I’m off to the restaurant supply store to look for an easier way. 

Any ideas?


Comments on: "Coffee Concentrate" (5)

  1. You could use a french coffee press to strain the grounds. Inexpensive and it is what it is designed to do.

  2. How much of this concentratedoes one use per cup of boiling hot water ?

  3. I put just under an inch of this concentrate in a mug and then fill it with hot water.
    Has anyone tried this yet?

  4. Mr. McCray said:

    I like to use about three parts to one, hot water to coffee concentrate, but you’ll have to experiment for your own taste.

    -Mr. McCray

    Check this website for the Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System. They use a larger version to make the cold press coffee at coffee shops. I haven’t tried it, but am thinking of getting one.

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