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Back to it!

Summer is over and I guess that means no more summer vacations allowed. Let’s see… how does this this work? GNJ#495 (Do you remember how to listen? Click on the top of that side bar over there to the right!)

Double scoop of DEET

Just how much do you hate those bug bites?  I’m doubling down.  GNJ#494

Slender Man

Slender Man, Bloody Mary and Witch Hazel walk into a bar… GNJ#0491

Rhubarb vs. Gout

Depending on the dessert, you might be willing to endure a lot.  Even gout?  GNJ#490


Please understand we are talking about a garden hose here, friends.  GNJ#489

hands across america

RIP Underpants

Holey underpants are for pansies.  GNJ#488



There is a great divide between ‘too much’ and ‘never enough’ kale.  GNJ#0487




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