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Double scoop of DEET

Just how much do you hate those bug bites?  I’m doubling down.  GNJ#494

Slender Man

Slender Man, Bloody Mary and Witch Hazel walk into a bar… GNJ#0491

Rhubarb vs. Gout

Depending on the dessert, you might be willing to endure a lot.  Even gout?  GNJ#490


Please understand we are talking about a garden hose here, friends.  GNJ#489

hands across america

RIP Underpants

Holey underpants are for pansies.  GNJ#488



There is a great divide between ‘too much’ and ‘never enough’ kale.  GNJ#0487



…with a stop for pie along the way!  GNJ#0486


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